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Training Your Pup With All Natural Dog Treats

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A new puppy is always an adorable event. Everyone at home is eager to play with the new chubby, four-legged member of the family. By the time it arrives, the pup already has a new comfortable bed and a couple of toys to play with. However, just give it a couple of days until it begins gnawing off the couch or suspiciously squatting in some corners of the house.

When you begin to see this, you know what this means. Yup, that pup needs training. According to Vet Voice Australia, “part of becoming a good canine citizen is dog training and puppy pre-school.” This doesn’t mean that training will eliminate every single dog behaviour, all dogs come with a series of conducts as a result of thousands of years of evolution. Some of these are welcome and others can be worked through training, and thus ensure a better fit within the human world.

The first three months of the dog's life are essential to lay the foundations for proper cognitive, emotional and social development. For this reason, playing simple games with the puppy are a great way to help develop its concentration, smell, hearing and intelligence, as well as encouraging interaction with its owners and its social skills.

all natural dog treats

Puppies learn from both their parents and their owners.

Teaching the Puppy How To Look

There are plenty of resources that recommend playing hide-and-seek to encourage your dog’s sense of hearing, smell and ability to concentrate. To play this, you’ll need two other participants (besides yourself and your pooch, that is). One person hides and another person stays next to the dog and verbally marks the guidelines to be followed. 

The person in hiding can call the puppy by name. Once the dog finds the person, it’s best to give a small reward to the pet, preferably a toy or a little snack. Although this game is suitable for the whole family, it’s almost certain that the children and the puppy are the ones bound to have the most fun. 

The game of hide-and-seek enhances the dog's ability to search by smell, as well as its obedience to simple commands. This game is useful for household dogs, as they tend to use their sight more.

all natural dog treats

Gorgeous bandanas from Ozzleash.

Finding All Natural Dog Treats

The day we were shooting the Maker Spotlight for Dok Appetit, we learned how important playing with your dog truly is. It builds good rapport between both, and a good relationship is necessary for pup to be happy. As a matter of fact, 90% of good training consists of this factor alone.

There are games that can work for both rapport building and skill training. Here’s a good example: place three cups, in line, in front of the dog. Before playing, hide a couple of all natural dog treats under one of them. In this way, the dog must use its sense of smell and its ability to observe to find out where the edible prize is.

Another activity consists of hiding snacks in different places of your house - under the couch, next to a chair or inside a box. This game allows the dog to have fun with his owner while learning to use its sense of smell, develop its attention and follow some guidelines. 

There’s a catch, though. As much as puppies love treats, limit the amount of snacks you give. And, what’s most important, make sure they’re healthy, all natural dog treats. Look for products with no preservatives, and a healthy mixture of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. Dogs also love fruits and veggies - carrot, apple, banana are some of their favorites!

Pawing to Encourage Obedience

As we mentioned before, games between owner and puppy strengthen the relationship between both. Teaching the dog to paw, sit or lie down are games that contribute a great deal to its education. Such games should be accompanied by prizes and verbal congratulations, which help to strengthen the emotional bonds between owner and dog.

When the dog learns to sit or to kick, it develops its capacity for self-control. When you’re walking your dog, pawing helps it behave in the presence of a dog in heat or of another feisty dog. Try to apply this mute, so that your pup starts understanding your non-verbal language. Without giving any verbal indication, the owner's feet should tell the dog when to walk or stop. In this way, the dog also learns to coordinate its moves with the owner’s. 

all natural dog treats

Coconut-chia dog treats are a favorite!

Playing to Prevent Anxiety

The dog's anguish due to the absence of its owners is a common problem among urban dogs. If the owner has gone missing for a long time. A puppy has ways of expressing anxiety: from gnawing on your favorite couch or vomiting on the carpet. You can save your dog the suffering and play at the entrance of your house. 

The game consists of opening the door of the house and giving the puppy the command "back" and "stay" while the owner comes out and closes the door about seven times in a row. The aim of this exercise is to get the dog to remain calm when its owner leaves the house, as well as to get the puppy to develop its self-control. 

If the dog performs the exercise correctly, it should be rewarded with verbal congratulations and a little food. However, since the dog accumulates tension, it is advisable to end with a game of ball so that the puppy can let off steam.

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