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Beginner’s Guide to Selecting All Natural Soap

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You grow up knowing that you're unique. Every human body has its own unique biological configuration. No two humans are the same - even if they're twins! Each body is different, and thus it is important to use products that respond appropriately to your particular characteristics.

Sure, a regular bar of soap has the ability of leaving your skin clean and fresh. But when it comes to protecting and nourishing your skin, it's important to understand what type of skin you have and which nutrients, vitamins and oils are most beneficial.

We're taking you through the world of body care, and giving you a few pointers on what are the main skin types, what are the best products for each skin type and how to create a good natural skin care routine. 

all natural soap

A strong soap can leave your hands feeling stiff and carton-like.

First Off, How Soap Works

Soap is designed to remove dirt, sebum and oils from the skin. They do this by using surfactants, which are chemical agents that help dissolve dirt and oil. These also help remove dead cells from the outermost layer of skin.

Verywell Health provides a very clear explanation on how soap works on your skin. The outermost layer of your skin is constantly being shed, and it's the one affected most by the use of soap. Surfactants overhydrate and swell these cells, which allows the soap the penetrate to deeper layers of the skin. Essentially, this is how irritation occurs. 

There's another thing: the skin is naturally acidic, whereas soaps and cleansers tend to be more alkaline. This difference in pH also plays an important role in making your skin feel dry after cleaning it. 

all natural soap

Glycerine soap is usually recommended for dry skin types.

Using All Natural Soap

When looking for a good bar of soap, however, you should really understand your type of skin. Since a traditional bar of soap tends to dry your skin, it's best to look for a gentler bar or a cleanser. If you’re still feeling iffy about certain chemicals, you might try making your own all natural soap using only natural ingredients.

Experts recommend washing your skin in lukewarm or cold water, as hot water only increases dryness. Instead of rubbing yourself vigorously with a towel, once your shower is over, you might try to pat yourself in order to avoid mistreating your skin.

Even if you're using a gentle soap, always apply a good moisturizer - preferably with a sun protection factor. Even if you're remaining indoors, using SPF moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and protected from UV rays.

all natural soap

The Rainforest Lab offers the Guacamole soap bar, created with fresh avocado as well as cilantro and lemon oils.

Keeping the Balance

When it comes to normal skin, all people have to worry about is maintaining a delicate balance between sebum production and other chemicals on your skin. This doesn't imply that you can use any bar of soap! Bars formulated for any other skin type may leave your skin feeling either very dry or over-moisturized. 

Dry skin, on the other handled, can irritate easily. Although it doesn't produce oil or shine as easily, people with dry skin often complain about itchiness and tightness. Some ingredients to look out for are glycerine, coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera.

On the opposite side of the spectrum you have oily skin, which is more resilient than the other two skin types just mentioned. People do have to cope with unwanted shine, but this often wears off after applying salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or tea tree oil. These three chemicals help reduce serum, without drying your face.

The Gentler, the Better

Sensitive skin is possibly the trickiest one in the bunch, as people who have experienced issues must look out for perfumes, colorants, sulfates and alcohol. It's best is the soap used is all natural and contains ingredients such as green tea, chamomile or aloe vera. 

Even exfoliants can be a risk, so choose carefully the products you're going to use. And, of course, if any of the solutions you're applying don't work, it's best if you contact your dermatologist and ask for advice.

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