natural skin care routine

The Art of Aromatherapy in Your Natural Skin Care Routine

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Every day, we breathe in different aromas without being fully aware of how important they are. Yet smell is so powerful, it has the ability of changing our mood and our condition. A foul smell can cause physical discomfort, or evoke a strong emotional response. 

In a survey conducted by Montreal's Concordia University to 270 students (1), some of them noted that strong likes or dislikes to smells were based on emotional associations. One student said that the smell of a specific type of flower, though pleasant to some, reminded her of her father's passing.

If smells can evoke such strong feelings and physical reactions, it must have incredible healing powers. Although our sense of smell is not as powerful as other animals, it is still remarkably acute. Incredibly small quantities of any substance can be picked up by the human body and, with time, cure any ailments. This is why aromatherapy has garnered so much strength in the recent years. 

natural skin care routine
Essential oils can be incorporated into candles, incense and natural skin care.

Healing with scents is not new, but it has become increasingly popular over recent years. In this post, we’ll explain how scents have been used over centuries and how you can incorporate aromatherapy as part of your natural skin care routine.

Healing With Scents

Aromatherapy is, briefly put, the therapeutic use of essential oils. These are concentrated oils extracted from various parts of different plants and used for different purposes. The use of aromatic oils for healing purposes has been around for thousands of years. (2)

The examples are abundant. For instance, there are over 180 references in the Bible to the use of oils for mental, spiritual and physical healing. Also, French chemist Gattefosse investigated the antibacterial and healing properties of essential oils while treating wounded soldiers during World War I. 

natural skin care routine

Aromaflor’s Lemon-Musk Natural Deodorant

Finally, in Japan, lavender and rosemary essential oils are currently used in manufacturing ventilation systems to improve productivity and avoid the spreading of airborne diseases such as influenza. (3) The clear benefits of aromatherapy have gradually gained interest over recent years and clinicians all over the world have grown interested in using essential oils as part of their treatment. 

The Science of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy should never be applied in its pure form. That is, it should never be applied directly onto the skin. Most treatments use sprays or vaporisers, or combine it with a carrier oil such as coconut or sweet almond. Such mediums reduce the possibility of allergic reactions or other adverse effects. However, you should still proceed with caution if you have sensitive skin or respiratory disorders such as asthma.

According to current literature, aromatherapy is safe. However, it is important to note that much of the existing clinical efficacy is anecdotal. For example, there are reports of improved conditions for psoriasis patients when essential oils are used with a carrier oil. In such reports, using aromatherapy for such conditions also helped improve their self-esteem.

natural skin care routine
Adria’s Mango-Tangerine Body Scrub is a popular option for all skin types.

Aromatherapy has also been used in childbirth. In such reports, trained midwives administered essential oils such as lavender, peppermint and clary sage to women in labor and delivery. These were administered via inhalation and given to calm uterine contractions and reduce anxiety. Almost two thirds of the women who participated said the treatment was effective and should be a continued practice.

Although the availability of well-designed studies investigating the effects of aromatherapy is scarce, aromatherapy is slowly gaining ground as a viable option for self-care and holistic medicine. 

Aromatherapy In Our Natural Skin Care Routine

Our skin and body care products use a combination of aromatherapy and all-natural Costa Rican ingredients for plant-based self care your body will appreciate. Brands such as Aromaflor explore the full potential of their oils and scents, creating one-of-a-kind natural products. 

natural skin care routine
Aroma’s Coconut-Lemon Body Scrub

Aromaflor's natural deodorant is a good example of how they combine aromatherapy and natural, locally-sourced ingredients for top-of-the-line skin care. This product contains an effective natural formula that uses a combination of essential oils and colloidal silver to eliminate bad odors. For those looking for an aluminum-free deodorant, Aromaflor offers an all-natural option.

We can’t talk about aromatherapy in skin care without mentioning Adriá Cosmetics, created by Adriana García. Her fascination for perfumes and scents led her to study the individual properties of essential oils. After much experimentation, she was inspired to create handmade beauty products that were gluten free, cruelty free and produced no toxic wastes. The final result is a unique cosmetics line that will help both your mind and body.

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