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Behind the Scenes with Local Keeps

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For us, the process of releasing new products to our online store is incredibly gratifying. We place great thought and care that goes into selecting every maker, hoping our customers will enjoy the new treats, creams and all sorts of new items. One of our favorite parts is, without a doubt, taking pictures of each product.

costa rica souvenirs
Paz, carefully preparing some of our nut butters for their big moment!


But, before we spend hours taking picture after picture, there’s a lot of thought that goes into each and every Costa Rica souvenir we’ve selected. And how, exactly, does the selection process occur? Galit Flasterstein, our CEO, says “We’re always searching for makers who care about giving back to their communities and being as ecological as possible when producing their keeps.”

costa rica souvenirs
Mario, our helpful photographer, always manages to crack a joke in every session.

According to Galit, “our curation process includes testing of each product we choose, but also interviewing and getting to know our makers.” Thus we ensure each and every Keep represents the values we believe and uphold.

costa rica souvenirs
A normal photography session may include up to 100 products per day.


One of the most frequent questions people ask us is why does Local Keeps place such close attention to their pictures. Couldn’t you achieve a similar result with a decent smartphone and a good lamp? Well, as our CEO mentions, “Showing a product in the right light and from the right angle takes expertise and care. We want our consumers to get a glimpse of what they´ll be getting once they buy a Local Keep.” 

costa rica souvenirs
New Keeps patiently waiting for their turn.

And that’s not all. “When the Keep is food, for instance, we know seeing what inside the wrapping or jar is definitely important. So we have a team of 3 photographers on site: the main photographer, the product stylist and the editor. It's a team effort because we want the products to look beautiful and for people to know what they're purchasing.”

costa rica souvenirs
Every picture taken is then carefully checked on the computer screen.

A typical photoshoot is very telling of the work we do at Local Keeps. Days are intense and filled with work, but somehow the load doesn’t feel as heavy as long as you’re having a lot of fun. As Galit says, “Our work days are long, but they are also exciting. We start early and take only about a half an hour break for lunch, which is the moment when we enjoy the crew’s stories.”

costa rica souvenirs
With good music playing throughout the day, we’re always in a good mood.

The secret is setting up the proper mood. “Music is blasting according to mood and to the products we’re photographing… which is why we regularly end up singing! It takes a lot of work to photograph 100 products per day”. This is why having so much fun during the sessions is so important.  

costa rica souvenirs
Our photography team is composed of a head photographer, an art director and an editor. 

What’s the secret for the perfect picture? Galit sums it up in a single phrase: “Most of all, we treat each Costa Rica souvenir as if it were the only product we’re ever going to show… with a whole lot of love!”

The end result always makes us proud.

Local Keeps is the best online market for those in search of flavors, scents and stories from Costa Rica. Navigate our categories or write to us at if you have any questions!

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