Biking in Costa Rica

The Basics For Biking in Costa Rica

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A lot of people buy their first bicycle for a lot of reasons. Some are interested in exercising more. Some just wish to get rid of their car. Others are longing to spend less time on the road, and more with their family. However, once a person gets their bike, the whole idea of roaming through the city streets may seem daunting. 

It’s not a matter of distance or physical condition. Of course, if you start using your bike instead of your car, you are bound to sweat. But there are bigger challenges people face when biking in a city.

How can a person plan their routes appropriately? What are the most important safety measures a person must consider before riding their bike around San José?

Get Familiar With Your Bike

It may sound a bit obvious, but it is very important to achieve stability on your bike. Before you throw yourself to the streets of downtown Chepe, experts recommend to practice in a place where the person feels safe. You must understand how it works, and how your body responds to different situations. It’s not a matter of hitting the highway the moment you get your bike. Not at all. You go step by step. 

The Bicycle is a Vehicle

In a world where cars are considered the dominant species on this planet, bicycles should be considered vehicles as well. As a matter of fact, from a legal standpoint, there is no difference between a car, a motorcycle or a bus. All of them are forms of transportation.

In this sense, people who use their bicycles as the main form of transportation have the same rights as any other type of vehicle. 

Make Yourself Visible

Any type of reflective clothes or tape and ever visual contact are useful when making yourself visible to other vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles. You can also use whistles and other devices to alert people around you. In other words, cyclists must use all the resources they have at hand to let others know they are using the road.

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Know the Rules

Stay sharp and ready. Expect the unexpected. Don't run the red light. Brake completely. We often forget these tips when riding downhill. But these are not exactly rural roads: you live in a well-marked city. Follow the law everywhere and at all times.

Be Safe at All Times

Cycling paths or lanes aren’t the only space designed for bikes, but they are a safe space for all cyclists to use. However, being in a safe space doesn’t mean people shouldn’t use other safety measures. Using a helmet, carrying the appropriate tools to fix your bike and wearing a vest are just some of the many things you can do to ensure your safety. 

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Biking in Costa Rica Is a Collective Effort

Moving around a city is a challenge by itself, one that requires a collective effort. Both the government and society must work together in achieving a well-planned city. If someone uses the cycling path incorrectly, there are a wide range of legal resources available that may be of help. 

Also, there are a series of collectives and social initiatives that guide 

Don’t Be Afraid of the Road

Here's an even bolder safety tip: use the lane without fear! This is because, first of all, you are part of the traffic. And, secondly, this makes you more visible to cyclists. If you drive off to the side, you could go unnoticed by drivers, who would see you as another one of the street's commonly ignored distractions. 

When cyclists position themselves on the right, drivers can corner them by passing them. It is safer to stand in the middle or even on the far left of the street. That way, drivers will have no choice but to treat you like a car and pass you carefully.

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