5 Holiday Gifts Made With Costa Rica Coffee and Cacao Beans

5 Holiday Gifts Made With Costa Rica Coffee and Cacao Beans

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People who enjoy coffee and chocolate are a very diverse lot. If you are planning a holiday gift for them, the best thing to do is to understand what's their branding. Do they love the combination of both chocolate and coffee, or would they prefer only one of them? Do they prefer chocolate because coffee makes them jittery?

Some people might classify giving food as lazy holiday presents. But, whenever you find a passionate coffee and chocolate lover, a good gift can be a real challenge. Does the person depend on coffee and chocolate on a daily basis and really doesn't mind what type of product consumed? Or do they pay close attention to where their coffee and chocolate comes from and take their time savouring it?

Local Keeps has created a list of the best holiday gifts for chocolate and coffee lovers. Whether it's parafernalia for the coffee addict or unique chocolate treats, all of these presents go beyond the ordinary. They are memorable, useful and, above all, perfect for anyone who can't live without coffee or chocolate.

5. Doris Goldgewicht's "Sin Secretos"

cacao beans
Looking for unique Costa Rican recipes? You’ll find them here.

Hailed as one of the best books ever written on Costa Rican cuisine, Doris Goldgewicht compiled recipes from all over the country. The recipes featured use traditional ingredients and techniques, ensuring you'll bring a little bit of Costa Rican flavor to your table.

Some of the recipes included in this book will make any fan of chocolate or coffee happy. However, as you browse through its pages, you'll also notice plenty of eye-catching ingredients and dishes. Once you start making Costa Rican recipes, it'll be hard to stop!

4. Sibu's Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

cacao beans
Who would’ve thought chocolate covered coffee beans are so addictive?

Having coffee beans by themselves sounds... weird. Coffee is usually ground and brewed, and enjoyed as a drink. The grain itself is too bitter to be enjoyed as it is. However, it's very different story when they're covered in chocolate. Sibú combined these fan favorites into one crunchy, delicious and addictive sweet.

The bitterness of the coffee grain pairs beautifully with the sweetness of Sibu's chocolate. It's a surprisingly pleasant combination that combines two of the most interesting ingredients on Earth: coffee and chocolate. Also, a couple of chocolate-covered coffee beans work as an efficient afternoon pick-me-up, without having to brew a cup of coffee!

3. Adria's Chocolate Espresso Body Scrub

cacao beans
It’s such a delicious body scrub, you’d practically wish you could eat it!

Coffee and chocolate both provide incredible benefits for the skin. Coffee, for instance, helps reduce the appearance of cellulite by stimulating blood flow, collagen production and regulates cell growth. Chocolate, on the other hand, is a natural anti inflammatory and is known to be very gentle on your skin. It can help soothe irritation and is suitable for even sensitive skin. 

Adria's Chocolate Espresso Bodyscrub takes full advantage of what coffee and chocolate has to offer to your skin. It works as a mild exfoliant with skin regenerating properties. This product is only recommended only for your body, as the skin on your face and neck is very delicate and requires a different care. You'll become a fan on how this body scrub feels on your skin!

2. Pia Pottery's Cups

cacao beans
The Lola Mug is partially covered in enamel, to maintain the rough texture from untreated clay. 

Bee Wilson, a food historian, says that everybody has a cup or bowl of preference. According to Wilson, people's attachment to specific foods is also related to what they use to eat with. For example, some people may remember having a favorite spoon for every single meal. Without this spoon, food doesn't seem to taste as well. 

Pia Pottery's cups have that similar effect on food. Once you start using one of her unique pieces, you'll never want to use anything else. It's beautifully crafted by hand, filled with tiny imperfections that provide character to the piece. Each mug is made to be wrapped around with both hands, while sipping your favorite tea in it. 

1. Café, Té and Chocolate Caliente Bundle

cacao beans
The “Café, Té and Chocolate Caliente” Bundle has little bit of everything.

If you can't decide on just one product, why not opt for a bundle that includes an assortment of different Costa Rican drinks? This bundle includes a small bag of Café Taza Amarilla, Bicichocolate's famous Pinolillo (which is a traditional corn-based drink), Sibú's Hot Chocolate and Bluezone's Herbal Teas.

This is our favorite holiday gift because it features several high-quality Costa Rican beverages, made with the best ingredients the country has to offer. Also, our "Café, Té and Chocolate Caliente" Bundle offers a wide variety of hot drinks. Even if someone in your family is not a coffee lover, our bundle includes hot chocolate, pinolillo and tea. There are plenty of wonderful choices.

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