costa rica souvenirs

Adventures Come in Bundles, Just Like Our Costa Rica Souvenirs

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It’s the end of a long day of adventure in Costa Rica and you are exhausted, but  somehow extremely satisfied. You visited one of the country’s 28 national parks, hiked through glorious rain forests and managed to see amazing birds and animals. You’ve even bumped into a snake and spotted a crocodile at a distance! 

You have white-water-rafted, taken a peek into the volcano crater and spent an amazing day surfing and soaking up the sun at the beach. What a great feeling! That feeling can last only if you don’t get sunburnt, bitten by mosquitoes or if you have the right products to treat the wear and tear your body takes while having the time of your life.

To avoid those mishaps, it’s always good to be prepared. You know, to have a kit at hand for every occasion. Having everything you need is how you get the most out of any experience. That is why we created bundles, so you don’t ever have to worry about not having the right products for any given situation.

Bundles are a way for you to get your hands on thoughtfully curated products designed for different aspects of your life during your travels or back at home hoping to have another taste of your Costa Rican adventure.

costa rica souvenirs

Need some help with that barbecue you’ve been planning for a while?

How Is Each Bundle Selected?

Our CEO, Galit, explains the main idea behind creating each bundle. The main objective is to create a box of products that are suitable for a specific occasion. The BBQ Bundle, for example, “includes products that could be used in a barbecue, to marinate food. The Sustainable Shopping Bags Bundle includes reusable bags for fruits and vegetables and large bags to put everything you buy.” 

“Also”, she goes on, “bundles are a good way of getting to know Costa Rican products. Like a sampler, but with no sample-sized items. The main goal is to include more and more sampling bundles for people who like to try new things. A good example of this is the Sweet Munchies Bundle, which is a sampler of Costa Rican snacks.” 

Bundles are a great way to get a feel for Costa Rica and they also make amazing gifts as they are carefully designed to bring together like-minded Makers and their products in a themed package that is an expression of the country’s culture and taste.

costa rica souvenirs

Looking for a quick pick-me-up after a long workout?

So, What Kind of Bundles Are There?

Planning a fun and sun filled day at the beach or a long hike? Our Essential Travel Bags Bundle includes some of our best-selling, highest quality travel bags available from Costa Rican designers. They’re ideal for any type of trip! What’s best - you don't need to drive anywhere to get it. You can find this bundle at Local Keeps, your favorite Costa Rica souvenirs online shop!

Are you looking to have a good night’s sleep? Check out our Sweet Dreams Bundle for a bundle that will help you sleep like a baby! This bundle includes a package of Blue Zone’s heartwarming tea, a couple of our best selling essential oils from Aromaflor and the best eye pillow you could ever find.

Our bundles are designed for you to enjoy your Costa Rican adventure or re-live the Costa Rican experience when back home. Invite your loved ones over for coffee and show off “tico” culture (and coffee knowledge) with our Designer and Folk Coffee Kits.

costa rica souvenirs

We’re here to help you flaunt your Costa Rican coffee knowledge.

We have bundles to help you decorate your home, snack on delicious Costa Rican goodies, have fun with your kids and look great during your travels. There’s a bundle for everyone and we are constantly adding new ones to our website.

So, make the most of your experience in Costa Rica or relive it with the people you care about through our amazing bundles. You’re in for an adventure!

Local Keeps’ Bundles bring the best of our makers to your home. But if you are still curious, navigate through our categories or write to us at if you have any questions! 

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