Costa Rica One Day Trips

5 Tips Towards Planning The Perfect Costa Rica One Day Trip

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Costa Rica is a small country with a lot to do. It offers a lot of options for both tourists and locals. And it's not just national parks and golden beaches that we're talking about, there are also a lot of farms and attractions available. 

Since it is such a small place, there are many destinations that can be visited in a matter of one day. Waterfalls, national parks and even some beaches are less than two hours away. If we spend so much time getting to and from work, why not take a day off the weekend to visit a new place?

Yet, if you decide to go on a one-day adventure, another question pops around. How do you plan a one-day trip? What are the best activities to do on a single day? Is there anything important you need to take into account before embarking yourself on a short adventure? Let’s cover some of the basics before to help you break away from your daily grind.

Keep It Simple

A one-day trip is the perfect time to break the routine and share with the family. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean you have to do anything too elaborate - even snacks and a natural refreshment can be a treat in the right place and with the right company. This doesn’t mean you have to be ill-prepared, not at all! But if you have little time during the week, it’s best to not over-do it. 

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You don't have to have a basket and a tablecloth, although you can buy something small to satisfy your Pinterest desires. Or spend large sums of money on food and other amenities. If you want the perfect outing, think about what things are doable in a single day. Then, plan accordingly.

Trip Planning Requires Food

It’s always a good idea to think of the menu several days ahead of your trip. All you need is one or two choices of appetizers, ranging from a dip with chips, to something more elaborate like skewers or even a ceviche.

You can also think about what to serve your guests as a main course. A sandwich or burrito is the simplest, but you can also make a lot of cold dishes, from salads and soups to marinated meats. In short, a one-day trip is a great opportunity to explore new recipes and make people happy with the food you prepare.

However, if you’re up to the challenge and have the experience, you may organize a barbeque with your friends and family. Local Keeps offers an incredible barbecue kit that includes hot sauce, marmalade, olive oil and other key ingredients in making the perfect marinade for your meats and vegetables. 

For a Costa Rica One Day Trip, Time Is Everything

It does sound quite obvious, but you need to be realistic with the time you have. You’re not going to drive three or four hours to a location if you’re only going to stay for lunch. Well, it’s plausible but definitely not recommendable. 

In terms of time, try to keep driving to just one fourth (or even one third) of the total time you’re going to spend out. So, for instance, if your trip is going to take a total of eight hours, you will try to aim at two hours of driving time. This includes, of course, the total trip. Thus, if you only have an hour or so of travelling time, try to aim for places you can reach easily within that time frame.

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The rule we’ve indicated above works perfectly for any trip, not only the ones you can do in a single day. It helps you balance your time well and keep your options realistic. Remember: the main objective of a one-day vacation is to break away from routine and feel refreshed. 

Select Your Place Wisely

If what you’re looking for is a calm rainforest trail to walk silently, then you might look for a nearby national park or reserve. For picnics or big family gatherings, there are plenty of places to choose from. It depends on whether you are looking for a place with all the amenities or you prefer to find a small corner where you can have a nice lunch, surrounded by nature. 

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