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4 Reasons to Review Costa Rica Souvenirs

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Do you ask for recommendations or spend your afternoon asking the store clerk about the products you're interested in? Do you prefer personal interactions to the daunting prospect of shopping online? Have you ever sat in front of your computer screen for what seems hours, wondering whether you should buy a specific product or not? 

If you have, then you're probably well-acquainted with the user reviews. Are you unsure about buying a new toner? Why not check what other people are saying about that specific product? User reviews are the best way to figure out whether you should buy that specific product or keep looking. 

In a Pew Research Center study, half of adults under 50 routinely check online reviews before buying new items (1). The same report states that roughly half (51%) of those you read online reviews say they give a generally accurate picture of the true quality of the product. 

costa rica souvenirs
One of our best sellers has received rave reviews from our customers. 


So, if reviews are so helpful, why don't people write them more often? Here are four reasons why you should help others and help other customers, such as yourself, make a smart shopping decision.

Sharing is Caring

If you have a limited amount to spend on a specific item, such as a new handbag, wouldn't you like to know what others have thought or experienced with the product you're interested in

If a consumer has a positive experience with a product, sharing this information will help create more enjoyable experiences. To a certain extent, providing relevant information about any product is a way of looking out for others and ensuring their well-being.

costa rica souvenirs
High quality Costa Rica souvenirs made from bananas and discarded fruit.

Creating Perspective

Positive reviews are meant to create a solid, helpful community surrounding a specific product or brand. Negative reviews, on the other hand, are not intended to destroy a reputation. They can be seen as feedback that can further improve a product's experience.

Also, negative reviews help potential users that a product is not perfect. Wouldn't you be a little suspicious if all you read were positive remarks about a face wash? Of course! No ideal product is for everyone. This is why negative feedback offers important insight into the product, how it should be used and who should consider using it.

Stand Out for Costa Rica Souvenirs

Contrary to what most would think, writing a review does not equate to endorsing a brand. A customer review, regardless of the brevity, is motivated why the desire of being heard. That's right! User comments are a space to provide valid information about products you care about, and offer the possibility to engage with other people who have similar experiences.

Also, if your review acquires visibility, chances are that others are more likely to follow your steps. In a Vendasta study, 88% of consumer interviews say reviews influence their online purchasing decisions (2). Your ideas and your experience, once it goes public, can help other people.

costa rica souvenirs
Bundles are a customer favorite.

You're Part of a Community

Your personal experience can be the experience of many others. By writing a short review of a product you liked, you can form part of an even larger community. Leaving a review on your favorite natural skin care product can help others interested in skin care in incorporating that specific product into their daily routine.

Participating in such activities can lead to a sense of comradery and a strengthened feeling of belonging (3). If other people validate your experience and relate closely to your review, it'll be easier for you to express your feelings on other products.

Now that you understand what motivates people to leave a review on a website, why don’t you start leaving your own? If you’ve already purchased one of our keeps, you can support hundred of local businesses in Costa Rica by writing your impressions on your purchase.


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