Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas with Costa Rica Souvenirs

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas with Costa Rica Souvenirs

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A box of chocolates, a dinner, a bouquet of flowers... Your typical Valentine's Day gifts are not bad, but if you’re looking for a little oomph on that special day, why not think outside the box? There are many other options that will help you go a step further and surprise your loved ones with a different gift. 

costa rica souvenirs
Valentine’s Day celebrates love in all its forms.

Do you dare with something a little more risky this year? Personalized paintings, hand-decorated cushions or photo ideas... All of these Valentine's Day gifts are not only meant for your significant other, they’re also for people close to you like life-long friends, family members, coworkers… anyone you care about!

A Picture Frame Made With Yarn 

A picture frame with yarn is very easy to make. All you need is a wooden base, some nails, a hammer and some thread. Start by drawing on the base the shape you are going to make and then, place the nails following that silhouette. The final part is our personal favorite: you just have to roll the thread all over the shape using the nails you placed on the wooden board.

The final result is super cool and takes less time than it seems.

Matching Pillows

It may seem silly to give a pillow as a gift, but if your partner doesn't live in the same city as you do? Wouldn’t having similar objects around the house and bedroom be a great way of keeping each other in mind? If you’re unsure about a pillow, we’ll remind you how useful it is.  It always comes in handy, whether for the sofa, the bed, or that chill out area everyone enjoys.

costa rica souvenirs
The Starry Night pillow can be bought as a set or individually.

Sueño y Arte por Jessi offers gorgeous decorative pillows that add the right touch of color to your home… and theirs! For every item you buy from Sueño y Arte, the company donates part of its proceedings to the Down Association in Costa Rica. What better present than the one that helps others?

A Jar With Loving Messages

Sometimes, when two people have been partners for a long time, they tend to fall into dreary, silent routines. You understand each other, you love each other, but do you tell them how you feel every day? We all like to have our ears filled with nice things. So, what better way than writing down your feelings? 

Fill a glass jar with rolled up slips of paper on which you write one of the reasons why you love your partner, how they make you feel, what they inspire in you and the trust you place in them. That person can open one every day and brighten up every morning before going to work.

Adventure Book

Use one of the gorgeous notebooks created by Mey and Co. to recreate the adventure book featured in the movie “Up!”. Fill it with polaroids and important moments that you have shared together. A great idea is to write down short paragraphs on important moments you’ve experienced. 

Don’t forget to leave a couple of blank pages so you can continue writing your story together. Local Keeps offers a wide range of recycled notebook paper that’ll make any adventure book look incredible.

Skincare, Anything Skincare

So, sometimes, people are under the notion skin care and body care are an activity that not everyone can access, and not at all times. Yet, if we are completely honest, proper skin and body care should be part of everyone’s health routine. Why pamper yourself once in a while when you can take care of yourself everyday?

costa rica souvenirs

We’re so in love with our Exfoliate Your Body Bundle.

Because of this, skin and body care products are great Valentine Day’s gifts. As a side note, make sure you are aware of the person’s skin type and routines before giving anything. You definitely want to avoid an adverse reaction or a product the person won’t enjoy!

One-of-a-kind Costa Rica Souvenirs

What about a mug made by a Costa Rican artisan? Makers such as Pia Pottery pride themselves in creating unique, handcrafted items that won’t go out of style. If you’re looking for items with personality, then a hand-crafted mug is a no-brainer. The attention to detail in every mug is mind-blowing, and it will definitely impress your significant other.

Another variation of the hand-crafted souvenir is to customize your own mug. If you’re into calligraphy or lettering, you can decorate basic mugs or other items with resistant markers or acrylic paint. Write a nice message or, if out of ideas, just jot down a date that means something special.

Costa Rica Gift Cards, A Failsafe Gift

Gift cards are an incredibly smart present. They allow you to easily stay on budget and are flexible enough for the recipient. That is, whomever received your card can choose what to buy. You can't go wrong with a Costa Rica gift card! Still undecided about what you should get your friends, family or significant other for Valentine's Day? Why not go for a gift card?

costa rica souvenirs

Local Keeps offers a Costa Rica gift card for every occasion. 

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