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Guide to Selecting the Best Costa Rica Souvenirs as Holiday Gifts

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There are fewer and fewer days left to buy holiday presents. As the year comes to a close, gifts aren't the only idea on people's minds. End-of-year responsibilities at work, in combination with family events and last-minute errands make this one of the busiest times of the year for many of us! So, no wonder present-hunting can become a cumbersome task.

Besides this, there are many reasons why finding the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones can be difficult. At least once in their lifetime, everyone has received a present they aren't particularly fond of. To avoid uncomfortable situations or wasted gifts, we've created a list of tips and recommendations for buying the perfect holiday presents.

costa rica souvenirs
Are holiday preparations giving you anxiety?

Why Buying Online Matters

According to data provided from Google and DaVinci Payments, people in the United States and Europe have decided to shop online. As a matter of fact, 71% of shoppers have said to do their shopping digitally, at least for this year. Because of this shift, ecommerces in general have grown approximately 18% when compared to the previous year.

The current situation not only makes online shopping a lot safer, it allows people to plan their spending ahead of time and carefully research each item they are going to purchase. When it comes to finding the perfect gift, online shopping helps you organise accordingly. No wonder why shopping online has become so popular!

Here are eight recommendations for finding the perfect holiday gift.

costa rica souvenirs
Any of our bundles makes for a fantastic holiday gift.

1. Set Up a Budget

First of all, it is important that you sit down and think about how much money you want to give for each gift. This way, you will know what you can and cannot buy, and also in what aspects you could reduce your budget. We also recommend setting this budget several months in advance, to avoid any inconveniences.

Gourmet Jams

Our gourmet jams, like this fig and nuts natural jam, are a great way to give your loved ones an impressive gift, without breaking the bank.

2. Avoid Rush Hour

Although you are probably more available on the days prior to the holidays, it would be better if you try to buy your gifts earlier and at a less busy time to avoid moments of stress. Also, a last-minute shopping spree may not be the best for your budget. You may incur in overspending or, worse, not getting the items you had planned to purchase.

3. Avoid Overspending

Did you find an adorable gift that seems just perfect for a friend or a special someone but it's way over your estimated budget? Stay away from it! As much as you may want to, it is important that you take care of your pocketbook and don't overspend. Think about the consequences that this excess can bring.

4. Really, It's the Thought that Counts

Despite what many people think, a good gift does not have to be expensive. A good gift shows that you know the person and that you understand their likes and dislikes. It demonstrates you've taken your time to know their tastes, and have given some thought on providing an item that will please them. Above all, a good gift, regardless of its price, shows you care.

5. Everything Handmade, Like Costa Rica Souvenirs

As you start to do the math, you will probably start to consider making some gifts with your own hands (or made by the hands of local artisans). Handmade gifts have a different character to them, as they are created with great care. But it’s not only love and dedication that makes them special; a handmade gift made by a local artisan helps support small entrepreneurs and artists who live on their craft.

6. Ask For Advice

If you don't have much of an idea of what to get your loved ones, don't hesitate to ask them what gift they would like. Yes, sometimes it can be a little awkward and you’ll definitely feel like spoiling the factor of surprise. But think about it: would you prefer to receive something you like and know you’re getting it or receive an unpleasant surprise? If you’d rather skip the ugly sweaters, then don’t be afraid to ask!

Costa Rica gourmet hot sauces

Do you know if the person who'll receive your gift has a hobbie, a food obsession or want to try something new? Knowing if the giftee loves hot sauces and giving them new flavors to try will hit the mark for sure!

7. Do Your Homework

The best way to find the right gift for each one of your loved ones is to think about the things that person would like to have and may need, in advance. Take a few minutes to think about each one. Who enjoys coffee the most? How many pairs of socks do they own? A little brainstorming definitely provides useful guidance when looking for the perfect holiday gift.

8. Make a List

Writing down the gifts you need to include in your holiday purchases is a good way of not forgetting them. It would also be good to think beforehand about what you could give to each person. If you’re very organized, your list can help you set up a holiday spending budget. And yes, maybe this activity can seem a bit tedious, but list-making has more positive than negative aspects to them. 

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