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The Best Gifts for Book Lovers From Local Keeps

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An avid reader will always prefer to curl up on a couch with a book they love, instead of doing anything else. However, giving a book to anyone who loves to read is always a risk. Some readers follow a strict order, and read only books they have researched previously or have been recommended by someone with similar reading tastes. 

Others are more unpredictable and will read whatever they find on their lap, without much research. Still, even with such readers, giving a book as a holiday gift without having researched enough or asked the person what exactly they enjoy reading is not the best practice. But there are plenty of different reading-related gifts out there that any book-lover will appreciate.

We've created a book lover gift guide with great ideas, from wonderful picture books to items that will make everyone's reading experience more pleasurable.

Blue Zone's Herbal Teas

There's nothing better than cuddling up on your favorite couch, with a cup of tea and your favorite book. Blue Zone's Herbal Teas are the perfect companion for those icy afternoons, where all you want to do is wrap yourself in your the coziest blanket you can find and read. 

gifts for book lovers
Maya nut and cinnamon is one of the most popular combinations.


Each of the herbs or fruits featured in their herbal teas is native to Costa Rica. Most of them, such as lippia alba or burbark, are commonly used in traditional medicine because of their healing properties. Lemongrass, for instance, is usually used for the common cold. Maya nut and guava are both nutrient dense and antioxidant pack foods found in the Central American region, and are widely known for being very gentle on sensitive stomachs.

Pucci's "Costa Rica from Above: Portraits of an Unprecedented Country"

"Costa Rica from Above" was an ambitious project from the moment it was creative: to create a picture book showcasing the country's natural beauty from a distance. The Puccis are particularly proud of every picture present, as it is the results of dozens of flying hours and hundreds of trials.

gifts for book lovers
More than 300 images that showcase Costa Rica: its diversity and its contrasts.

The book includes some of the country's most awe-inspiring landscapes, from the dense tropical rainforests to one of the world's most active volcanoes - the Arenal. Every single page attests to Costa Rica's natural beauty. "Costa Rica from Above" is a fantastic addition to anyone's library.

Isabel Campabadal's "Costa Rica: Cuisine and Tradition"

People tend to treat cookbooks as mere instruction sets, as if building a cabinet and making an arroz con leche were the same thing. But if they were the same, people would miss out on one of the most important aspects about food: learning. A good cookbook is more than a series of steps, it has the ability of telling stories about a country and its cultures.

gifts for book lovers
This book introduces Costa Rican Food with a gourmet touch.

Isabel Campabadal, the winner of this year's prestigious Magón Award, tells the story of Costa Rica through some of its most representative dishes. This book is not only the perfect holiday gift for someone who loves cooking, it's an ideal present for anyone interested in learning more about Costa Rica through its dishes, unique ingredients and fascinating cooking techniques.

Había Una Vez Coffee Drippers

"Había una vez" translates to "Once upon a time", which is one of the most popular phrases to begin a story. This makes perfect sense, as most stories (well, at least in Costa Rica) begin around a cup of coffee. Yet Sabrina's brand not only acknowledges coffee as a source of inspiration for books, her coffee drippers tell a story themselves.

gifts for book lovers
The design of the Higuito coffee dripper was inspired by the shapes of tree trunks and branches.

The "Higuito" coffee dripper draws inspiration from nature, specifically tree species you can only find in Costa Rica. Any book lover would not only appreciate the beauty and simplicity in Sabrina's pieces, they'd also fall in love with the wonderful stories she tells with each design.

Mey&Co's Corn Paper Notebooks

Typically, avid readers are also avid writers. Reading and writing are different sides of the same coin, as one is more on developing thoughts and the other on refining them. The practice of keeping a journal, and writing on it every single day, helps people develop their creative skills and organize their ideas.

gifts for book lovers
These notebooks feature handmade drawings of birds you will find at San José.

Mey&Co's notebooks are also a beautiful medium to pour your ideas into. These environmentally-friendly notebooks are made from corn, and have been carefully crafted to suit your purpose. Also, each product includes illustrations and information about some of the many species of birds you can find in the Costa Rican rainforest.  

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