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Why Your Hair Care Routine Should Have Hair Serum

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Walking through the beauty aisle in any supermarket can be a daunting task. There are so many different brands, cosmetics and types of products that it's hard to even grasp half of them. Why would anyone need so many products just for their hair?

Your hair is packed with nutrients and oils that are washed every time you use shampoo or soap. As a matter of fact, if you shampoo too often or don't cut your hair every couple of months, you'll start to notice some damage: split ends, unwanted frizz, lack of shine and so on. 

Hair needs care. While you could simply wash it and go on with your day, having an appropriate hair care routine (along with your natural skin care routine), will save you plenty of hassle in the future. No need for expensive hair treatments or radical choices. Just a bit of love every once in a while. That’s when hair serum comes in.

hair serum

Hair serum is recommended for all ages and hair types.

What Is It?

Hair serums nurture your hair on a deeper level. Now, they're different from hair oils, which are responsible for providing nourishment to your scalp. Serums are not as sophisticated as oils, but they will help you control frizz, styling your hair and protecting it from the sun and wind.

Just to clarify, oils have a very similar texture to serums - both are very dense liquids. However, as mentioned before, oils work directly on your scalp. They reach your roots and restore hair damage caused by styling and coloring. 

Commercial hair serums are usually made of silicon, which creates a plastic-like coating around each strand of hair to keep it smooth and tangle-free. Natural hair serums do not use silicon, but lightweight oils, ceramides and amino acids which will produce little or no build-up on the scalp. Natural serums work incredibly well in preserving the moisture in your hair.

hair serum

Aromaflor’s Natural Hair Serum includes jojoba oil, rosehip oil, ylang ylang oil and vitamin E.

How to Use Hair Serum

As soon as you finish your shower, apply the serum from the ends and towards the mid sections of your hair. Avoid touching the scalp, as it'll make it look greasy. Also, quickly rub your palms with 5 or 6 drops of serum before applying it on your damp hair.

Using hair serum will help you smoothen your hair and add additional shine. It's particularly beneficial for people with thin or dyed hair, as it helps detangling and controlling frizz. Finally, it's a useful ally when repairing hair from heat or chemical damage.

There's a catch to this: don't over apply a hair serum. It really depends on how your hair behaves and what type of hair you have. As a matter of fact, hair experts do not recommend serum for daily use. 

hair serum

Aloe vera and honey replenish your hair in this paraben and salt-free shampoo from Adriá.

Selecting the Right Serum

People with dry or frizzy hair should look for an intensely hydrating serum with ingredients such as castor oil. Hair that is prone to breakage, which is not the same as having frizz, requires a bit of keratin in its formula.

Hair serum with added lavender or jojoba essential oils are excellent detanglers. Both oils are very light, which comes in handy when you're adding them to a serum.

Curly and thick hair are a bit trickier. The general rule is to look for hair serums with added argan oil, as it's a natural moisturizer. With curly hair, however, you might consider looking for an additional boost - aside the argan oil and your serum formula. In this case, almond oil, jojoba or marula are good additions.

hair serum

Complete your hair routine with all-natural hair care products, like this essential oil conditioner.

Hair Serum and Natural Skin Care Routine

The short answer is yes. Shampoos do a decent job at cleaning, but as mentioned previously, they do expose hair cuticles. A good conditioner helps detangling and protecting your hair, but does nothing to those cuticles. A serum, on the other hand, does help.

The good thing of using an all-natural hair serum is that silicon, the main ingredient of commercial hair serum, won't affect you in the long run. Just remember that a good brand of hair serum, such as Aromaflor's Regenerating Hair Serum, will be a trusty partner in your hair routine.

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