Handcrafted gifts are the best gifts

3 Reasons Why Handmade Jewelry Makes Great Gifts

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Handmade jewelry, handmade clothes, handmade everything! Handmade or handcrafted has become a very popular search on the web these days. Why? Because some of us want to sort of go back to basics. We like what’s honest, real and straight-forward. No give or take. Done with care and love. 

Actually, most items we use on a day-today basis are made in bulk, usually by sophisticated machines. There is a stark contrast to buying a shirt in a department store to buying it from a local shop, where you could have the opportunity of meeting the designer. By buying handcrafted, we feel we are doing things differently, the way it matters.

The sincerity of a handcrafted object is the main reason why it makes a fantastic present. When you buy handcrafted gifts, for instance, you are buying handmade and sustainable. You are buying something unique that supports the maker, its craft and the community around it

And, out of all the possibilities you have, handcrafted jewelry probably tops our list of great presents. Not only are they unique, sustainable and made with love - there are three important reasons why you should really think of giving more handcrafted jewelry to your family and friends.

Handmade Jewelry Support Women Entrepreneurships

Some of our best handmade jewelry is made by women. For instance, Lolita Mia’s founder, Elena, high-end earrings with a bohemian flare that are a clear wink to her years as an Architecture student. Her designs are aesthetically balanced and beautifully finished. They have become a staple among the local fashion world, and have been frequently featured in editorials and runways. 

handcrafted jewelry

Elena, from Lolita Mía, turned a passion into a business venture.

Her love for handmade jewelry moved her to take a couple of courses and, eventually, make her own business. Making her own jewelry line, however, was not an easy task. She often mentions the importance of creating an ethical business model that supports the community and empowers women. This has been a challenge Elena has taken head on, and the diversity in designs and products are a sign of it.

Another remarkable story is Joyeria Frutal. Rosa Montenegro, it’s founder, was forced to quit her job due to a back injury. Because she still needed to support her family, she began experimenting with dehydrated fruits and incorporating them into necklaces and bracelets. She used various crochet and weaving techniques she had learned from her grandmother in order to create inventive designs. 

handmade jewelry

Rosa and her husband at the Joyería Frutal offices.

Rosa’s resourcefulness became a successful business. Her colorful designs became popular in local markets and design stores. People couldn’t believe that an entire line of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other items could be made with leftover orange peels or banana scraps!

It Helps Other Women

Elena Gil’s work is more than just a pretty set of Costa Rican earrings: she makes sure she transmits her passion and knowledge to artisan women at the School of Anti-Violence Women with an Identity. Women at this institution learn to empower themselves and the people that surround them by learning new skills and tools for their life and their professional career.

handmade jewelry

Lolita Mia has collaborated with mayor brands such as Keds.

This is a key idea in women empowerment. It’s not about feeling beautiful or more positive, it’s about providing a way - a path to a more accomplished life. Just like Elena, Rosa also hires women to work with her. As of today, 11 women are involved in the entire manufacturing process. All of them are, like Rosa, heads of home and require a stable income to support their families.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Okay, for starters, the jewelry is beautiful. It’s deserving of constant “Oohs” and “Aahs” from both friends and family. By gifting Costa Rica souvenirs, especially if it’s handmade jewelry by hand, you’re also helping women entrepreneurships, their communities and the environment that surrounds them. 

These two women makers are fabulous examples of why Costa Rica jewelry is both beautiful and impactful. At Local Keeps, we offer a wide range of curated jewelry and gift make a difference, not only in their quality but also in how they carry out their business ethics and vision. 

handcrafted jewelry

Rectangular Cacao Beans Necklace (comes with your pair of cacao earrings)

Buy Costa Rica souvenirs at Local Keeps. Navigate out categories to find quality and impactful handcrafted gifts. You may also write to us at galit@localkeeps.com if you have any comments!






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