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How is Costa Rica helping global environmental health

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Costa Rica is where Local Keeps started and it will always have a special place in our hearts. It is the birth country of one of Local Keeps´ founders, and a truly spectacular location. So what is Costa Rica known for? Many wonderful things: its beaches, the adrenaline activities it offers (you can read more in our blog: Costa Rica: ideal destination for all travelers), its PURA VIDA people and of course, its efforts to protect the environment.


Costa Rica is environmentally friendly

Costa Rica is a tiny country and yet, it contains over 6% of the world´s biodiversity thanks to its over 45 environmental treaties, numerous environmentally conscientious laws and an environmentally friendly philosophy that has served to protect and grow Costa Rica´s National Parks and to motivate the largest companies to invest in minimizing their carbon footprint. Costa Rica´s goal is to become carbon neutral by the year 2050.

Costa Rica´s government and people are in synch when it comes to the environment. As published by the Tico Times: “Nature is (Costa Rica´s) life insurance”.

What is Costa Rica known for


Ticos’ care for the environment is embedded in their Costa Rican culture and traditions

There are many reasons why Costa Ricans are proud of their natural resources and are keen on keeping them healthy and thriving. One of them is that Costa Rica was for centuries mainly an agricultural country that depended on its soil and the environment to make ends meet. And although electricity did reach the farthest corners in the country many years ago (the country actually started exporting electricity to other parts of Central America back in 1982), Costa Ricans have always preferred using the “chorreador” or Coffee Dripper to prepare their coffee. This slow brewing process has allowed them to save money in filters, avoid waste and contamination and taste the richest cup of coffee every single day.

Folk Coffee Dripper

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And the importance of protecting natural resources has permeated Costa Rican Food as well. That is why many of Costa Rica’s typical dishes include grains and vegetables that need a healthy soil but also lots of shade provided by trees. In our book “Sin Secretos Costa Rica Authentic Cuisine Recipes” you may find many examples of Costa Rican foods that include beans such as coffee, which needs to be protected by lots of trees in order to grow and thrive.

Costa Rica Recipe Book

Featured here: Sin Secretos Costa Rica Authentic Cuisine Recipes

Artisans and small entrepreneurs in Costa Rica are more conscious than ever

One of the many very pleasant surprises we got when we started Local Keeps and our curation of makers process was that all of the artisans and small entrepreneurs we interviewed implemented environmentally friendly processes when producing their keeps. Some had the knowledge, others learned along the way, but all of them had the will to make a positive impact in their surroundings.

Such is the case of Okologie’s owner, Monica. She wanted to rid her family of plastic use and started sewing reusable bags to do her grocery shopping and to store her food. Once the word spread that she was making these cute environmentally friendly bags, she turned her dream of a plastic free society into a business.

Reusable shopping bags

Featured here: Eco-Friendly Reusable Fruits and Vegetable bags

(contains 5 bags)


We found this willingness to reuse and recycle in many other makers. Nomellamo’s owner, Lina, combines her love for Costa Rica traditions and nature with her passion to protect the environment by using remnant fabric clippings, buttons and zippers that are usually thrown to waste at large factories.

Costa Rica Leatherback Turtle

Featured here: Nomellamo’s Cuddly Costa Rican Leatherback Turtle


If you are thinking to shop homemade and/or to buy environmentally friendly, Woodcraft, Okologie and Nomellamo definitely meet the criteria for they may no longer be made at home, but are definitely produced as if they were: with the same care and consciousness.


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