Natural and clean products

Is your skin care really clean? Is your food really natural?

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Clean, natural, sustainable are all trending words, but what do they really mean? And are you really buying the right stuff?!

It´s just like that trend when you wanted to go on a diet and looked for either “fat free” products or “light products”; but if you read the label, you´d find that fat free products most often had tons of sugar to actually give your product more taste, and the “light products” were indeed lower in carbs but had more fat or more of other ingredients to again, make it tastier. So how do we know if clean is clean and natural is natural and not only a gimmick to make you buy?

When we started scouting for quality products at Local Keeps, we often wondered: if we claim a product is natural, does it mean that it has no preservatives whatsoever? But then if it doesn´t: how much life shelf would it have? And how about sustainability: does the product have to be made with zero environmental impact to be sustainable? Here´s what we decided: we were going to find quality products, be it skin care or food, that would be as natural as possible and as sustainable as possible, and push for our suppliers to make them even more natural and more sustainable as they grow.


Our Natural and Clean Skincare products are also sustainable

For instance, The Rainforest Lab mainly uses rain water they collect to make their soaps. In because it rains a whole lot in Costa Rica, they never run short! The result: natural skincare that is sustainable as well.

Golden Juice Natural Soap


Aromas became a B Corp company (a certification you get when you balance profit with purpose) and their products are made with therapeutic level essential oils, certified by USDA. The coffee they use in their Coffee-Vanilla Body Scrub is organic, and their newest product, the Happiness Body Lotion is a way for them to give back to the community: they donate part of the proceeds they get from its sales to the Lifting Hands Foundation, where low resources families get monthly packages of food. The result: clean skincare that is sustainable as well.

Happiness Lotion


Our Natural Food Products look and taste just like that: Natural

And in the realm of food, Natural Bites and Jolie´s nut butters do not use sugar cane to sweeten their products. Some are Keto, some have been mixed with natural coconut oil or sugar, all of them are packed with real organic nuts. The difference between the texture of these natural nut butters and processed nut butters jumps to the eye when you open a jar: they´re not smooth, they´re more on the chunky side and that´s because you´re getting the real thing. The result: natural, healthy and tasty products.

Jolie´s Peanut Butter


And how about Bibelot´s teas? The owner grows the lemongrass she uses in her Pineapple-Mango-Lemongrass tea in her own garden! And she only buys the rest of the fruit and herbs she uses for her teas from small organic plantations. The result: organic teas that are sustainable as well.

Bibelot Tea


And what do we do to reduce our environmental impact and be more sustainable?

And what is Local Keeps doing to be more sustainable? Well, our alliance with DHL as our courier is not only for your convenience (so that your packages get to you on time and safe), but also because DHL has a green program whereby, they reduce their environmental impact. And us, we just partnered with Tomorrow´s Air, a company that stores carbon dioxide to purify the air we all breath.

We also use shredded recycled paper to package your orders and simple carton boxes that may not be fancy, but are fully recyclable.

And finally, we work closely with our makers to help them become even more natural, clean and sustainable so that you get what we say you´ll get.

Bottom line, we pride ourselves in making your buying experience not only great but also as clean, natural and sustainable as possible. And it feels really good!

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