Natural Skin Care Routine

4 Tips for Starting Your Own Skincare Routine

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You’ve probably heard the buzz around having your own skin care routine. You see people raving about how youthful their face feels the day after doing a face mask or how their skin has improved ever since they have started washing their faces regularly. 

No wonder these rave reviews spark some curiosity. A lot of people are certainly intrigued by the results, but weary of the amount of products and steps. What can you use? How do you incorporate plant based essential oils y your beauty products? How do you begin? Do you need a big budget to start your own skin care routine?

natural skin care routine

A big part of having youthful-looking skin is protecting it from the sun.

It’s All About Taking Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself does not imply stocking up in the supermarket beauty aisle. Or splurging on expensive spa treatments every couple of months, if you wish to make such expenses. It’s about feeling well on a regular basis, and keeping your skin looking healthy throughout the year. Loving yourself is not a one-off event, but rather a strict routine where you slowly work towards feeling well on a regular basis.

In this sense, having a proper skin care routine cannot and should not be high maintenance. It’s quite the opposite of it. It should be a series of steps that you should be able to implement daily, without interrupting your daily responsibilities. A couple of minutes a day for your face can go a long way in terms of skin health.

Stocking Up With Organic Beauty Products

A good beauty routine follows a series of steps. You could go as sophisticated as the Korean beauty routines, which may include as many as 10 steps and a wide range of products, or keep it as simple as possible. If you wish to start simple and go from there, bear in mind you must always have the following: a cleanser, a toner, moisturiser and sunscreen.

Having a cleanser that suits your skin type and needs is the first and most important step. How does your skin behave on a daily basis? Is it dry, oily or does it have a bit of both? Knowing this is helpful when selecting the appropriate cleanser. It’s a process of trial and error, and you may have to do some research before finding the product that suits you most.

A lot of people think a cleanser should do the trick, but it is just the beginning. After washing your face, you should always apply a toner. Though overlooked, toners close your pores, soften and calm your skin and help replenish it with nutrients. 

 natural skin care routine

A skin cleanser is a necessary step in any skincare routine.

The final step is the moisturiser, which can be just as tricky as the cleanser. Once you find the appropriate cleanser for your skin type, you’ll notice how using a good face cream can help your skin from drying out constantly. You can use other alternatives, such as the Aromaflor Ambar Rejuvenating Facial Serum, which acts as a moisturiser. 

Also, consider buying a day cream that serves both as sunscreen and moisturiser. Wrinkles, spots and ageing signs are all due to sun exposure, so it’s best if you take a series of preventive measures to keep your skin protected.

Now, you might think that most of the products mentioned are highly processed and involve a large list of chemicals you’re not familiar with. Don’t worry! You may use products from the Aromaflor line for a more natural skin care routine

A 24/7 Natural Skin care Routine 

If you don’t do intense work that requires washing your skin at different times of the day, you should stick to a morning and nightly routine. Morning skin care protects your skin throughout the day, whereas nighttime skin care helps repair it from any damages during the day.

Consider adding or modifying steps depending on the time of day. Sometimes, just washing your face and applying a little sunscreen is all you need to carry out your daily tasks. Other people may require additional care in terms of serums, exfoliants, toners or the wide range of face products available. 

Also, it's a good idea to learn from other’s routines! We personally like A Blossoming Life’s take on her natural skin care routine. Taking a look at what other people do helps you tweak and modify different steps to create your own.

natural skin care routineReinvogorize your body with Adriá’s body scrub and cream.

Natural Beauty Care Under The Weather

Your skin does change according to the weather. If you live in a tropical zone, the humidity and the heat may make your skin particularly oily - which is why an oil-free cleanser can come in handy. Conversely, during the winter, your skin may dry up and chap. To prevent this, go for a good moisturiser.

Weather changes help you understand that your skincare routine is not a fixed recipe. You may adapt these steps according to weather, age, skin type, budget and amount of time available. The idea is to create a habit that makes you feel well on a daily basis and helps you prevent any skin illnesses in the future.

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