Souvenir Museum- a hidden gem in Costa Rica

Souvenir Museum- a hidden gem in Costa Rica

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There are many souvenir shops in Costa Rica, both nearby and far away from San Jose and some are even located at the Juan Santamaria International Airport or the Daniel Oduber International Airport. If you want to take back home an authentic souvenir that was locally made and, at the same time, have an experience that will make your trip to Costa Rica even more memorable, we highly recommend Souvenir Museum.

Souvenir Museum is both a store and a museum display.


Souvenir Museum knows their stuff!

When you arrive at Souvenir Museum, Robert will greet you with an educated smile. It is clear that, as one steps into the store, you are not in a standard souvenir shop but rather a carefully thought out exhibit of curated products.

Souvenir Museum

Robert has been working at Souvenir Museum for many years and is in charge of both greeting and starting the tour. This shop was thought of by its owners Melissa and Juan Jose, as a learning location, and taking the tour is only part of that educational experience.

A map of Costa Rica will display the places where many of the products sold at Souvenir Museum were made: the whistle made by boruca (indigenous) people, a coffee mug that is large and impressive and depicts Costa Rican legends, chairs, books, hammocks and many other handicrafts and authentic souvenirs.


We love to know there are other businesses supporting local makers

Just as Souvenir Museum, Local Keeps curates products and gets to know the suppliers (who we call makers), and we know the importance of keeping true to value, and offering authentic locally made souvenirs.

Costa Rica Souvenir Shop and crafts

Now that we´ve been to Souvenir Museum we can definitely recommend making a visit there either on your way back home or as a stop on your way to a coffee tour in Costa Rica, La Paz (Peace) Waterfalls or visiting Poas Volcano.

 Souvenir Museum Costa Rica souvenir Shop

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