Sustainable wholesale products at Local Keeps

Sustainable wholesale products at Local Keeps

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Life is ever-changing, especially for a company such as Local Keeps. We pride ourselves in being curators but also, in discovering new products and also new vendors, all with the same mission that we´ve had since the beginning: becoming the catalyst platform for small sustainable businesses in Latin America to grow!

This year, we´ve decided to both include new products (compostable banana fiber plates coming soon to your door!) and also new sales channels. Our aim is to please our consumers, wherever they wish to shop, and so, we´ve allied with a key food advisor and have started offering our products to retailers and distributors both in the USA and Canada, which are closest to Costa Rica, our current operations hub. And we´re so excited!!

Now, why you may ask, do we want to sell to physical stores when everybody is talking about how e-commerce (online stores) grew immensely during the pandemic? Ah, because the appeal of seeing and touching a product at your local grocer or your favorite department store will never go out of fashion! Especially when it comes to food, or so our customers have told us again and again and we listened.

So, by the second half of 2022, you will start finding some of our favorite and most coveted natural food products at stores. Here´s a short list of what you will find, and you can always go to our "For Businesses" page for more information.


Estukuru natural and tropical chocolate bars

Estukuru became part of our Local Keeps family on July 2021, when we discovered their chocolate bars at a popular chocolate store by the Arenal Volcano, in Costa Rica. Being chocolate addicts as we are, we bought 1 chocolate bar of each flavor, and it turned out we loved them all! Their 75% dark chocolate bars include pieces of tropical fruit (our favorite is the Maracuya or Passion Fruit), their white chocolate bars are made of 30% cacao butter, which is way more than you can find in industrial white chocolate bars, and they are combined with specialty coffee grown especially for Estukuru, Hibiscus flower or Cacao nibs.

Estukuru's white chocolate with cacao nibs

Estukuru´s mission is to make the best chocolate in the world, and as cliché as it may sound, we can say they started on the right path by sowing and reaping the cacao bean themselves, toasting and aging it and finally turning it into a 100% natural, no additives, no preservatives, award winning chocolate, while giving jobs to remote populations and keeping their operation not only artisanal but also sustainable and eco-friendly.


Chocofrutas: freeze dried fruit covered in delicious chocolate

Chocofrutas is a completely different type of chocolate snack than Estukuru: much sweeter, easily eaten whole once you open the bag, this chocolate covered lyophilized fruit pieces, are addictive! In each box of 40g you will find both milk and dark chocolate and tropical fruit. And every time you buy a Chocofrutas, you know you will not only be pleasing yourself, but also contributing to the environment, to low-resources communities and other charities, for Chocofrutas donates 10% of their proceeds to several foundations.

We love this company´s commitment to what they preach: they wanted to showcase Costa Rica in a snack, without forgetting about Costa Rica.

 Chocofrutas Tropical Mix

Chocofrutas Tropical Mix

Caribbean Sabooor and the natural hot sauce that screams: beach-time!

The world of hot sauces is just as complex and varied as the world of chocolate, it´s almost like tasting different types of wines from different regions: your mouth will get a new experience every single time. And so, we´ve included Caribbean Sabooor amongst our wholesale sustainable brands, both because of flavor and quality, but also because it represents one of Costa Rica´s most beautiful areas and also one of the poorest: the Caribbean Coast.

Caribbean Sabooor showcases Caribbean flavors (Passion Fruit, Pineapple-Coconut), but also ingredients from other parts of Costa Rica. These hot sauces are sugar free, except for the Pineapple-Coconut Hot Sauce, which includes a Pineapple Jam that is handmade by Caribbean Sabooor, with very low sugar. You can incorporate this product within your keto diet or even to control your sugar levels if you´re diabetic.

And Caribbean Sabooor uses simple processes that cause no residue and uses a bottle recycling program to make their manufacturing more eco-friendly.

 Caribbean Sabooor

Caribbean Sabooor Pineapple-Coconut Hot Sauce

So, Local Keeps is ready to come closer to your door on 2022. If you have a favorite place you would like to see our natural products, by all means let us know at

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