Why Coffee Is Perfect For Vegan Skin Care

Why Coffee Is Perfect For Vegan Skin Care

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The benefits of drinking coffee have long been documented. According to the John Hopkins Medicine blog, study after study has proven that a cup of joe in the morning may help you guard against heart disease or Alzheimer's. This is because it doesn't only contain caffeine, there is a wide amount of antioxidants and other substances.

Coffee drinkers, according to this institution, are less likely to develop heart failure. But it's not only your heart, your liver will also thank you. Caffeine contains a series of enzymes that protect the liver.

The chances of having colorectal cancer, suffering a stroke or developing Alzheimer's disease are significantly reduced with a couple of cups of coffee a day. According to the Dietary Guidelines of Americans, it's safe for most people to drink from three to five cups of coffee a day.

Coffee is not only used for drinking. It's so nutrient rich that its benefits work wonders on skin care products, specifically vegan skin care products. Your skin can enjoy the benefits of coffee and caffeine-based skin treatments without any cruelty to animals or damage to the environment!

Go Away, Dead Skin Cells!

Since ground toasted coffee does not dissolve in water, it makes an excellent exfoliant for your body. Coffee contains caffeic acid, an antioxidant that helps increase your collagen levels and help your skin gain back its elasticity. 

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The benefits of coffee go beyond drinking it.

Using fresh ground coffee to exfoliate your skin brings other benefits. The coarse ground coffee helps stimulate blood flow and helps smooth your skin. For people who often complain about cellulite in very particular areas, a coffee-based body scrub might help improve your skin.

The scrubbing action works wonders on acne-prone skin. Coffee exfoliants help clear away dead skin cells and unclog pores in hard to reach areas such as your back. It's natural acidity helps restore your skin's natural moisture and shine.

Coffee-based exfoliants can be made with ingredients you can find at the comfort of your own house. However, there are a lot of vegan skin care products available that contain essential oils and other beneficial substances for your skin. Take, for instance, Adria's Chocolate Espresso Body Scrub.

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The Chocolate Espresso Body Scrub is almost like a dessert to your skin.

One Ingredient, Many Benefits

Coffee is a natural diuretic, meaning it eliminates toxins and helps reduce redness and irritation. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps reduce the puffiness around your eyes. Just bear in mind that the results are temporary, and none of these are long-term solutions to prevent puffiness.

There's another reason why coffee reduces redness. It's a vasoconstrictor, which helps your blood vessels shrink in size. In terms of reducing puffiness and redness, look for products that contain caffeine. Don't use ground coffee, especially around the eye area. The skin around your eyes and your face is a lot more sensitive than the rest of your body. 

Finally, coffee contains a type of antioxidant called polyphenol, which helps protect the skin against UV rays. A 2015 study concluded that it may help with age spots or similar damage caused by the sun. Of course, more studies are required - but the benefits antioxidants bring to your skin is undeniable.

Vegan Skin Care Helps!

Coffee is one of the many products that can be used in a vegan skin care routine. It is often thought that an effective skin care routine is expensive and requires all sorts of sophisticated products. Well, this couldn't be farther from the truth.

First of all, you don't require expensive products. According to I Love Vegan blog, you just need to know the steps for an appropriate skincare routine and find the combination that suits your skin. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of natural ingredients that can be used to create your own face masks and exfoliants. 

Coconut oil, essential oils, clay and coffee work amazingly. What's even better, they are plant-based products with proven benefits. You can keep your skin healthy while using plant-based products… Both you and the environment win!

vegan skin care

Give your skin some TLC for 10 minus, twice a day. You’ll see the difference in no time!

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