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The 8 Weight Loss Tips Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

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In the fast-paced routines we are used to, it is normal that our weight does not achieve the balance we want and that we are constantly trying new techniques to lose weight. The discouragement and frustration of putting it on again in a few months makes people ask themselves whether it was worth it or not.

The truth is that, the key to losing weight is not found in super restrictive diets and in removing certain foods from our plate just for a few months. Losing weight and keeping it off over time requires making permanent changes in your daily routine. Those changes don't necessarily have to be that hard to make and can save you a lot of disappointments. 

Here are eight simple changes you can include in your day-to-day life that can help you lose weight. That weight loss may not be as immediate as when you are on a strict diet, but you will be able to maintain it better over time if you make it part of your life. 

A Healthy Lifestyle Starts With A Good Breakfast 

Why is it so important to eat a lot of breakfast and eat well? Breakfast gives your body the necessary boost to start your day. In addition, if you eat a good breakfast, your appetite can be regulated so that it stays under control until lunchtime (without skipping the mid-morning snack, of course). 

A complete breakfast should contain healthy carbohydrates, fresh fruit, healthy fats and especially protein. When you don't eat a good breakfast, your stomach will be begging for food in no time. It is easier to consume fattier foods throughout the day if you haven’t had a proper breakfast in the morning.

Drink Water, Lots of It!

This is another classic piece of advice that not many people adopt in their routine. Water plays a key role in eliminating toxins from the body and helps to control weight thanks to its satiating effect. It is also recommended to drink water with lemon, particularly before breakfast, as the combination helps eliminate fluid retention and also cleans the palate.

Five Meals a Day (Keep the Doctor Away)

It is proven that not doing the five meal times slows down the metabolism and stores extra nutrients. Therefore, experts recommend not to let more than two or three hours pass between each meal during the day. This will also keep glucose levels stable and give the body enough energy. 

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Looking for more snacking ideas? Look no further!

Snacks are incredibly important towards weight loss. Not only do they help you control your hunger throughout the day, but also provide the required nutrients to continue throughout your day. If you have any issues figuring out what to snack on, Local Keeps has plenty of healthy food online

Eat Plenty of Vegetables 

Vegetables should always be present at the largest meals of the day. Including lots of "green" foods on your plate will make your stomach feel full and prevent you from eating more of other, more caloric foods. Vegetables help the metabolism to burn fat and liquids. It is important to prefer non-starchy vegetables when you want to add this key to your routine. 

Stop Temporary Dieting

When diets are abused and calories are restricted to the extreme, the body tends to take the toll. When you've been on a fat loss program for a long time or you've been on several diets in a row, your body goes into an energy-saving or calorie-saving state. Once you finish the diet and start trying to get back to normal comes the well-known and hated "rebound effect". 

The most logical thing to do if you don't have a goal of rapid fat loss for some particular reason is to involve eating routines that are long lasting. In other words: make diets that can be maintained and adopted over the long term. In other words, you have to learn to eat... otherwise the effort of a few months can go away as quickly as it came. 

Another way to stop the rebound effect is to combine a balanced diet with a structured exercise routine. And you don’t require very intense physical effort, just start doing something you enjoy and make sure you have the appropriate clothes for it. And if you don’t have the fitness apparel required, you can buy clothes online at Local Keeps.

Fashionable Costa Rican activewear for your favourite workout routine.

Fashionable Costa Rican activewear for your favourite workout routine.

Reward Yourself Once in a While

Have a cheat day! If you've managed to keep your food intake in order and under control all week long, you can afford to eat whatever you want at the weekend: hamburgers, pizzas, wings. That prize can be done as long as the discipline has been present during the whole week. That sinful meal will bring more motivation to behave well during the week. 

More Weight Loss Tips? Don't Stop Eating Carbs

One thing that people often do when they try to lose weight is to completely eliminate carbohydrates from the diet. Don't do that. All the food groups are necessary. The right thing to do is to choose the healthiest carbs. That is, prefer legumes, cereals, whole grain pasta over salty snacks, sugary cereals, and refined foods. 

Work on Your Emotions

Hormonal disorders, stress, lack of sleep, anxiety: all these are responsible for the fact that many times we feel stagnant because of more exercise and more good food we are having. If you have incorporated all of the above and nothing works, you may need to review your emotional state and work on it first. Doing yoga, meditation and breathing exercises can help us control many of these harmful emotions. 

At Local Keeps you can buy healthy food online to keep up with your daily exercise routine. Navigate our categories or write to us at if you have any questions! 

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