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Wellness for all seasons-Summer Edition

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It´s been hot this Summer, hasn´t it?! And yet, you´ve been making the most of it by GOING OUT!!!

You probably wanted to do it all: go to the beach or the pool, bike, walk or jog a whole lot, eat that ice cream (or many), party with long time no see friends, meet with the family and enjoy wonderful BBQ meals…. basically, you wanted to devour life and all it could offer. The result: your hair may be a bit damaged from the sun, you may have overloaded on sugar, or your skin is looking kind of wrinkly after getting sunburned.

Here´s our answer to your pain:

Use natural clean shampoo and conditioner to restore your sun damaged hair

Do yourself a favor, no matter your age, and just as you probably look at labels on food (if you do): look at skin care labels. You will find that most hair products have salt or alcohol, which are not ingredients meant for your benefit, but for the benefit of preserving the product you bought. Look for clean and natural ingredients on your skin care and hair labels: the more you find, the more natural the product is. And yes, skin care and cosmetics need to have some kinds of preservatives to lengthen their shelf live, but the less, the better for you and your skin and hair.

Here´s one of Local Keeps favorite restoring clean hair products by The Rainforest Lab: Avo Sage Natural Shampoo and Avo Sage Natural Conditioner.

Clean Hair products


Avocados are nutritionally rich, great for lowering cholesterol, may support heart health, and yes, it can do marvels for damaged hair, be it by sun, water or cold! Avocados are high in “good fats” or “good oils” which help replenish and restore not only your hair, but also your hair cuticle.


Compensate those ice cream sugar rushes with natural ingredients foods

Nothing wrong in enjoying that yummy double scoop ice cream! Or for that matter, any kind of sugary treat. But if you´re feeling a bit bloated, the best way to compensate high levels of insulin is by eating more organic, natural and wholesome foods.

Our crunchy dehydrated fruit snacks are a great way to eat healthy and satisfy that sweet tooth. And, the company that makes them is certified by the Rainforest Alliance for their efforts to lower environmental impact. Neat, right?

These snacks are 100% natural, no sugar, no preservatives, just the pure dehydrated fruit. Here´s our Instagram demonstration on these yummy treats.

Dehydrated Pineapple snacks

Prepare for fall- your lips will need that extra care

Summer is soon to be over, and although we all love fall with its wonderful colors and fresher weather, your lips will start getting chapped. Prevention is always a great solution and we love, love, love our Regenerating  Morpho Cream, made with honey wax by a small company that started rescuing potentially harmful native beehives from their neighbors’ backyards and decided to create a sanctuary for these bees and also use some of their honey to make a wonderful and natural cream that works great on chapped lips, tattoos and very dry skin.

Chapped Lips Cream


Prevent itchy skin

And yes, once the temperature starts going down and that heating system goes up, your skin will resent the change. Nothing better than our cacao lotion to not only rehydrate your skin but prevent itchiness as well. It is unscented, but the fact that it came from the Caribbean Coast in Costa Rica, will keep you dreaming of the beach well into winter.

Cacao Lotion

So enjoy the rest of your Summer and we’ll be back with more tips on Fall. 😊

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