What inspired us on 2019

What inspired us on 2019

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2019 was the year Local Keeps was born: yes, that´s right, we are a Start Up. So our learning curve was rich and exciting. We met so many inspiring people and heard so many inspiring stories, it gave us the energy we needed on days we felt we had a lot in our hands.

Our makers have definitely told us many of those inspiring stories. The following makers both have great stories to tell and offer a few of our best selling crafts.


Handcrafted Costa Rica Jewelry as a way of making ends meet

Alina and her husband Fernando were born in Cuba and lived there for many years. They moved to Costa Rica dreaming of new beginnings and opportunities. They were shoe makers back in their native country but shoe making in Costa Rica, they found, was a hard business to thrive in. So, they decided to use their manual skills and know how to make handcrafted jewelry. But it had to be jewelry with meaning, Costa Rica Jewelry. After all, they wanted to thank the country that welcomed them. Alina started making her craft inspired by Costa Rican Nature, pre-columbine art and the Costa Rican Oxcart.

Costa Rica Jewelry ring

Featured here: Cauri.as Costa Rica Typical Oxcart Ring (large size)


Handcrafted healthy cosmetics to match a healthy nutrition and lifestyle

Molly wishes for a healthy life for her and everyone who surrounds her. Many years ago she started making huge steps towards achieving ultimate health: first through her raw food diet and then by making her own handmade cosmetics mixing organic and local ingredients such as essential oils.

But making healthy aromatherapy cosmetics did not stop at using healthy ingredients. Raw Botanicals, Molly found, was the perfect vessel to send her message to the world: that if you put enough care and work from your heart, you can truly make a difference. The company´s bottles are made with 100% recycled plastic and they never test on animals. Molly is fulfilling her dream for sure.

Coconut Bath and Body Serum Essential Oils

Featured here: Raw Botanical´s Coconut Bath and Body Serum


Bilingual children´s books if you want to start inspiring early

Yazmin and Luciano believe starting early is the best time to start. That is why most of their books are children´s books: their message about sustainability and the importance of preserving our natural resources is best learned, they feel, at a young age. They get inspired by Costa Rica Nature and the many adventures you experience by traveling both inside and out their country.

The fact that Ojalá Ediciones has made their children´s books bilingual only adds to their magic and their far reach. By January, Local Keeps will be the best Costa Rica shopping site to buy children´s book online with brand new editions by Yazmin and Luciano.

The Rainforest Papparazzi

Featured here: The Rainforest Paparazzi


So that´s how our 2019 ends: with good stories to tell and goods deed done. How will 2020 start? We hope by learning and doing more and by getting our customers not only quality products but also wonderful experiences.

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