Founder: Adriana García
Location: Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica
Founded in 2014

What started as a hobbie for Adriana became a passion and a full time business producing beauty care products with natural ingredients and/or essential oils that are gluten free, cruelty free and don’t produce toxic waste of any kind.

Making hand-made beauty care products that have no toxic residues is not an easy job, but it is well worth it as she now sees the impact a company like Adria can have in educating people on sustainable, safe products that they can use as a much better alternative to what is readily available.

She has worked hard to create value through the company and has even partnered up with E-colones a Costa Rican leading recycling and sustainability project to further support Costa Rica’s environmental causes.

Best Seller:

  • Crafted Body Scrub
  • Crafted Body Cream
  • Handmade Body Oil