Founders: Mariafernanda Larraguivel, Kristine Dyer

Location: San José, Costa Rica

Founded: 2010

Aromaflor, founded by Mariafernanda and Kristine, is a family business that is spearheading Costa Rica’s beauty care products industry with their proprietary formulas and processes.

Their self-care line as well as a line of organic essential oils are made with 100% local botanical ingredients and minerals, free of alcohol and preservatives. They were inspired by the healing powers of plants and have seen their client´s change both in terms of their skin and their self-esteem. Their clientele has substituted conventional products for Aromaflor botanical products because they´ve experienced great results.

All their packaging is glass and recycled cardboard, contributing to less waste products and a cleaner footprint. And although they love the fact they are creating jobs, they take special care in creating jobs for women head of households.

Best Sellers:

  • Essential Oils
  • Insect Repellent