Arteria Costa Rica Clothing 1


Founders: Eugenie Murillo, Carlos Mena
Location: San José, Costa Rica
Founded in 2009

Eugenie and Carlos started a two-person company dreaming of strengthening the Costa Rican cultural identity, of showcasing the “little big traits” that differentiate Costa Ricans from other societies and that give us that feeling of belonging. They have proudly grown over the years and employ over 100 direct and indirect employees.

Arteria created a line merchandise that accentuates Costa Rican slang, values and traditions, and incorporated Braille stamps on each garment because cultural identity is for everyone.

Their social responsibility actions go hand in hand with their environmental consciousness: they work in naturally illuminated places to reduce the use of electricity, have eliminated almost to 100% the use of plastic and choose carton for their packaging.

Best Sellers:

  • “Pura Vida” T-Shirt
  • “Tico” T-shirt
  • “Tica” T-shirt