Barba Roja Owner

Barba Roja

Founders: Federico Leiva Gallardo, Javier Quesada Lizano
Location: Curridabat, San Jose, Costa Rica
Founded in 2016

Federico and Javier loved to surf and camp since they were kids and every time they went on their outings, their families would purchase local produce from a guy with a very red beard. They would love listening to this guy´s stories about life and about cooking. Their knack for making sauces started with a game: their mom would make sandwiches and they would create sauces to add flavor. Then, the family would vote on the best sauce.

After 18 years of working on different businesses, Federico and Javier went back to their passion for making sauces and, alas, Barba Roja (Red Beard) was born. All their product and staff are local, and since their founding they have been able to distribute their products through major supermarket chains and are looking to export their goods and use them as a way to put Costa Rica on the map.

They are investing non-plastic use for their whole operation and are currently working on a glass recycling process.

Best Sellers:

  • Chipotle
  • Garlic and herbs
  • Sun dried tomatoes and herbs