Bibelot Costa Rica Food and Beverages


Founders: Gabriela Nowalski

Location: Escazu, San Jose

Founded: 2017

Gabriela has always been interested in healthy living and food. As a consultant for social development at a well-known firm she traveled often. And it is precisely through travel that she discovered tea infusions and fell in love with the beverage and how it made her feel. She started experimenting using locally sourced products (mostly, since you green tea is still not planted in Costa Rica) and local farmers and used her knowledge on nutrition to make the best mixes.

Gabriela sees added value to her infusions both because they are gluten free and vegan and because you can eat the fruit, which lowers waste and contamination.

Her grandmother used to lovingly call Gabriela “Bibelot” so in her honor she named her enterprise with the same name.

Best Seller:

  1. All tea infusions