Bici Chocolates Costa Rica Food and Beverages

Bici Chocolate

Founder: Eduardo Ulate Fernández
Location: Heredia, Costa Rica
Founded in 2015

Bici Chocolate is a family owned business that got very clever when trying to take advantage of the cacao beans produced at their farm. They use “bicycle machines” to produce many of their chocolate derivate products, with no agrochemicals and they have decided that part of their large 8 hectare property will always be protected forest.

This brand represents Costa Rican ingenuity and amazing healthy ingredients and shares its expertise by giving workshops in rural areas on how to use old, everyday articles such as a bicycle to produce all sorts of goods. They are true believers in the Bean to Bag philosophy and so their chocolate is as pure as it can be.

Best Sellers:

  • Pinolillo
  • Chocolate Disc Melts
  • 70% and 80% Chocolate Bars