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BLÉ Costa Rica

Founders: Yuliana Calderón Céspedes

Location: Paraíso de Cartago

Founded: 2018

Yuliana specialized in design and printing of textiles at University of Costa Rica. When she graduated she wanted to mix her love for textiles with her love for Nature. Along with her mom, they started researching grains and decided to use wheat because of its flexibility when it comes to changing temperatures.

Yuliana sees BLÉ products as tools for people to take a break of their busy lives and de-stress.

BLÉ sources the contents of their pillows with locally produced grains and the sewing is done by women heads of households. It is one of Blé´s missions: to help create jobs and thus, help the local economy.

BLÉ´s products are pretty respectful of the environment: they does not use plastic, the textiles are washable and the contents once they´ve lost their aroma can be planted or simply thrown as nutrition to earth.

Best Seller:

  • Therapeutic Lavender Light Eye Pillow
  • Therapeutic Natural Pillow- Eucalyptus
  • Therapeutic Natural Pillow-Mixed Herbs