Cafe Organico Taza Amarilla Costa Rica Food and Beverages

Café Orgánico Taza Amarilla

Founder: Leland James Westie
Location: San José, Costa Rica
Founded in 2013

Leland, a US citizen, fell in love with Costa Rica and started toasting his own blend of organic coffee and selling it at local “green” markets. The company only works with certified organic producers, they have grown to have their own “toaster” and maintain the highest environmental practices in the production of Café Organico Taza Amarilla.

At the Green Markets, every sale of Taza Amarilla is an opportunity to share information and stories on coffee farms, the people that make coffee and the processes that allow us to have this amazing beverage.

Through coffee, Leland and Taza Amarilla are trying to positively affect environmental conscience and local identity: they use 100% compostable bags, they donate coffee to several institutions and they make their product with a lot of love.

Best Seller:

  • Café Taza Amarilla Las Lajas