Carbonell Wear Costa Rica Clothing

Carbonell Wear

Founder: Pablo Carbonell Zúñiga

Location: San Pedro

Founded: 2013

It was 2013 and Pablo, who is a chef by trade, was planning on opening his own restaurant. At the same time, his dad was planning to close their sock factory, which had been in the family for years. Before seeing his family business closed, Pablo decided to make a huge change in his life and took over Carbonell Wear.

When Pablo became CEO of Carbonell, the business was selling sport socks that did not differ much from the competition and had to compete against imported products that were sold much cheaper. Hence, Pablo decided to pivot and started offering design socks, inspired by Costa Rica´s colors, flora and fauna.

When Pablo arrived at the factory he had to fire 6 out of the 8 people that worked there in order for the business to survive. Nowadays Carbonell employs 10 people again and is thriving. They sponsor local young athletes and help local community in social need.

Best Seller:

  • Watermelon socks
  • Red Eye Froggie says Hi socks
  • Sunset Mandala socks
  • Tye Dye socks
  • Tropical Toucan socks