Carmenta Costa Rica Clothing


Founders: Evelyn Gonzalez

Location: Santa Ana, San José

Founded: 2015

Evelyn is an Industrial Engineer and worked at a bank for many years. She hated dressing and looking the same every day and got bored of wearing suits. She decided to make her own work clothes that would be fun, fresh and wrinkle free. Practical and yet romantic and chic. And she named her company “Carmenta” after a woman she knew while growing up who always dressed stylishly.

Evelyn has expanded her design line to accessories as well. It all started when her good friend was at the hospital, going through cancer treatment, and helped from her bed with Carmenta´s online marketing. To thank her, Evelyn designed and printed a scarf which was liked so much, it was soon made part of an accessories line that features paintings she and Esteban Fernandez, a Costa Rican painter, make.

Carmenta is part of Costa Rica´s slow fashion movement and the company hires women heads of household to sew every piece. Carmenta´s vision is to keep growing through the help of these women, while giving their clients garments that are functional, authentic, stylish and versatile. That is why they have introduced reversible pieces into their Agua Miel line.

Best Seller:

  • Merlina dress
  • Scarves