Co.Ser Costa Rica Kids Home
Co.Ser Costa Rica Kids Home


Founders: Albin Padilla Rivera, María Antonieta Rojas Coto
Location: Calle Blancos, San José, Costa Rica
Founded in 2015

Albin and María Antonieta are industrial designers who started their business in June 2015 with no budget or contacts, but with the conviction that they would make it. Now, they create products for conscious parents that are not satisfied with the generic toys and dolls that dominate the market. Parents who are looking for alternative options that will allow their children to fully use their own imagination. Co.Ser products were built that way: simple enough that kids will immediately relate and make their own.

Co.Ser products are designed and manufactured by craftswomen, allowing stay at home moms and other female household leaders to contribute to their families’ wellbeing. Co.Ser uses biodegradable packaging and the wood is bought at commercial wood facilities.

Best Sellers:

  • DIY Superhero Kit
  • Animal Head pillows