Amigurumi Crocherarium

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Founder: Vivienne Vincenti Muñoz

Location: San Pedro, Costa Rica

Founded in 2015

Vivienne had learned the technique of crocheting since she was a little girl. So when she discovered the technique of Amigurumi (the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting stuffed animals), she transitioned quickly to develop her new passion.

Crocherarium was born with adults´ happiness in mind, but its creations are suitable for all ages. Vivienne´s motivations for launching her brand were to make everybody´s inner child “smile”, help whoever buys a Crocherarium release stress, trigger their imagination and promote education on Costa Rican native fauna. Her little handmade animals are also used in therapeutic sessions for better management of emotions.

The company is transitioning from acrylic wool (made out of plastic) to raw cotton, from plastic eyes to crocheted eyes and from recycled paper tags to QR codes. Their mission is to bring happiness in the most ecological way possible.

Each Crocherarium is tagged with information on the small animal it represents: its scientific name, the region in Costa Rica where you might find it, what food it eats and more. Instructions for its care are also included.

Best Sellers:

  • Tati the Turtle
  • Pedro the Sloth
  • Rasta “red eye” frog

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