Founders: Mario, Jorge and David León
Location: Moravia, San José, Costa Rica
Founded in 2016

It all began with the story of how some bees are addicted to coffee. These bees got the founders thinking and alas, Woodcraft was born!

Costa Rica is known for its coffee, it’s one of the most valued traditions in the country and the Leon brothers wanted to be a part of that. They designed and created a coffee brewer made by hand by local artisans from responsibly sourced wood and raw materials. This way, they feel they honor traditional technology that is present in Costa Rican everyday life, generation to generation, and now is showcased to the world as more than just a souvenir: as a design.

Thanks to the brand, they have been able to help ecological efforts in Costa Rica through their not for profit branch, Sembremos Bosques.

Best sellers:

  • Traditional Costa Rican Coffee Dripper
  • Reusable Coffee Filters 

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