Dok Appetit Natural Dog Food
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Dok Appetit

Founder: Paula Sagot

Location: Heredia, Costa Rica

Founded in 2017


It all started when their senior dog could not digest mainstream dog treats and they had to look for healthy, easy to digest alternatives. That´s when Paula, with the help and guidance of her dog´s vet, began researching options and creating her own treats. The first peanut butter cookies were born and they had immediate success both with dogs and their owners. And so, Dok Appetit branched out and created other healthy and tasty snacks that dogs seemed not to get enough of!

Dok Appetit is proud to be selling snacks that are chemical and artificial ingredients free and to be introducing non-traditional delicious flavors such as chia and herbs in a pet´s diet. Their love for animals is part of their everyday life through their business, and the fact that they have both changed pets´ lives and have created jobs, is making their journey even sweeter.

Best sellers:

  • Peanut Butter cookies
  • Coconut and Chia cookies
  • Herbs Cookies