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Founders: Israel and Doris Goldgewicht, currently managed by Adrian and Doris

Location: Pavas, Costa Rica

Founded in 1987

Doris Goldgewicht has always loved cooking and baking, ever since she was a little girl, and so, even though she studied Psychology and founded one of the first Psychology Consultation offices in Costa Rica, she decided to become a professional chef. She has an endless resume: she hosts her own TV cooking show and has joined other Costa Rican chefs in their TV shows, has taught many baking and cooking lessons and traveled around the world to learn cooking techniques and enjoy every type of cuisine.

Her book, Sin Secretos Costa Rica´s Authentic Cuisine was published in honor of her late husband, Israel. Together they had started Tips, the company she now manages along with her son Adrian. The book not only highlights some of the best recipes you´ll ever find of Costa Rican cuisine, but is also a testament to Doris´ love for “Ira”, as she called him.

Her vision is to leave a legacy of love through her cuisine

Best Seller:

  • Sin Secretos Costa Rica´s Authentic Cuisine Recipes

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