El Canto Costa Rica Clothing

El Canto

Founder: Vanessa Chacón Vargas
Location: Alajuela, Costa Rica
Founded in 2016

Vanessa had long wanted to have her own business and she decided to combine her 3 passions to do launch her enterprise: fashion, design and folklore. She likes purchasing meaningful products during her own travels and so she decided to use the emblematic Costa Rican Oxcart drawings, a UNESCO Heritage Worldwide Symbol, to make products both for locals and travelers with a very meaningful Costa Rican message and identity.

El Canto was finally born with the alliance of don Luis, the expert Oxcart painter and Daniel, the young Graphic designer. The team now designs, produces and markets a series of products that connect travelers and locals to Costa Rica’s traditions and folklore helping to create a lasting bond between the wearer and the country’s people and values.

They feel proud both because they have generated a lot of work for women head of households and because they are bringing Costa Rican designs to the world.

Best Sellers:

  • All of the scarves, really