Epso Costa Rica Art and Souvenirs
Epso Costa Rica Art and Souvenirs


Founder: Sonia María Fernández Valverde
Location: Desamparados, Costa Rica
Founded in 2008

Sonia María created a lamp for her house applying a technique on how to use newspaper for arts and crafts, she learned on TV. The lamp got so much praise that she decided to start selling lamps and that´s how EPSO was launched!

The EPSO bicycles were born out of Sonia´s memory of her father delivering newspapers on a bicycle. He represents the hard working class that dreamed of a great future for the family and the bikes represent Costa Rica´s sustainable lifestyle. Sonia´s son Pedro and daughter Elvira are also part of this family´s eco-friendly small business and together, they create a path that other small businesses and entrepreneurs can learn from in sustainable and ecological ways of working.

Best Sellers:

  • EPSO basket Bicycle