G&E Chocolate Adventure Company

G&E Chocolate Adventure

Founder: George Grant

Location: Limon, Limon, Costa Rica

Founded in 2014

George was at the top of his game for many years in the Marketing and Entertainment business but got tired of the process and asked for divine guidance to find something that would fill his heart with joy and allow him to give back to his hometown, Limon. And so, he was able to find both in the production of cacao.

Through G&E Chocolate Adventure, George was able to find a way to give cacao, Costa Rica’s golden bean before coffee, the attention he thought it deserves and make a living out of his small plantation. He faced many obstacles along the way, including the total loss of his property to fire, but he kept on going.

The company uses the cacao it produces to make chocolate, and cacao butter to make cosmetics. They do not use plastic in the production processes and their crops are organic. And they bring out Limon’s Caribbean culture through the brand: its colors and flavors.

Best sellers:

  • Caramel Covered Cacao Beans
  • Cocoa Butter Lotion
  • Sugar Free Hot Cocoa