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Había Una Vez

Founder: Sabrina Fernández Monge
Location: Santa Ana, Costa Rica
Founded in 2012

The idea started as Sabrina’s university graduation project, which was based on the redesign of Costa Rican souvenirs. She took the artisan point-of-view to reimagine contemporary utilitarian products that were 100% designed and manufactured in Costa Rica. The brand works hand in hand with local artisans that use traditional manufacturing processes.

Habia Una Vez drippers where created to give the coffee drinker an opportunity to slow down and take a moment to brew and savor a fresh cup of coffee every day. The company was surprised to find out the immediate emotional connection their product had in their clients´ life.

Sabrina believes that the use of handcrafted articles in our everyday life lead to discover a story that connects us with its essence.

Best sellers:

  • Higuito Coffee Dripper
  • Quitirrisí Coffee Dripper
  • Chirripó Coffee Dripper

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