Lolita Mia Costa Rica Jewelry

Lolita Mia

Founder: Elena Gil Zavagli-Riccardielli

Location: Curridabat, San Jose

Founded in 2014

Elena was studying architecture when she decided to take a break and take Art Jewelry courses in Italy. She came back to Costa Rica, created her own brand and launched Lolita Mia, which she sees as a vehicle to empower women. Lolita Mia hires artisan women that have been taught and trained at the Costa Rican foundation named: School for Anti-Violence Women with an Identity (Escuela Anti-Violencia Mujeres con Identidad), where they learn self-worth through their creations.

Through Lolita Mia, Elena has learned the importance of both ethic production and ethic consumption. Her creations mix the colors and shapes of Costa Rican nature and life with global influences.

The company is expanding by diversifying. They recently were hired by Keds to embellish Keds shoes.

Best Seller:

  • Kutchi Earrings
  • Quetzal Earrings