Mey and Co. Costa Rica Books

Founder: Merlyn (Mey) Cantillano Vargas

Location: Tibás

Founded in 2014

Mey studied Education and Art and taught at different schools in the country, but while she enjoyed teaching, she dreamed of creating something of her own. As she always liked birds, she decided to study Ornithology. Her mom convinced her to start her own business by making necklaces with birds. This venture did not succeed as they hoped, but when she started drawing birds on the Mey and Co notebooks and people marveled at her creations: she felt she had finally started something great she could call her own.

Mey decided to draw birds that are not usually shown to tourists (toucans, macaws, etc.). She decided to feature “everyday” birds that may be overlooked at city parks but are beautiful and meaningful and worth showing to the world. Hence, she mixed her love for teaching with her love for birds and is now educating through the Mey and Co “Pajareando por San Jose” notebooks. She hopes to expand her business to includes notebooks of birds in other parts of Costa Rica as well.

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