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Monzano Coffee

Founder: Mariola Lizano Gallardo

Location: Santa Ana, San José

Founded in 2016

Mariola´s grandfather was a pioneer in the coffee production business. He was one of the first “cafetaleros” (coffee producers) to cultivate Type A coffee. The family picked up on the business and while Mariola´s brothers export green coffee, she decided to toast the coffee and sell it direct to the consumer, thus, generating even more jobs with more processes to follow.

Monzano Coffee prides itself for not using blends and for buying their coffee from the same trusted coffee plantations. Their most difficult obstacle to date has been to make themselves known in a market that offers so many coffee options. But the milestones have exceeded the obstacles for this new company has already been featured in coffee magazine and is being sold at renowned boutique hotels that offer personalized service to their clients.

Best Seller:

  •  Monzano Coffee Drip Individual Bag Set