Narwales Costa Rica Books
Narwales Costa Rica Books


Founders: Lizandro Ramos Mendez y Greivin Vega Álvarez

Location: Guadalupe

Founded in 2017

Greivin has always loved the ocean and its creatures and so Lizandro gave him as a gift a book about adventures at Sea. In the book, there was a story about a pale-colored porpoise with a “unicorn” that seemed magical: the Narwal, and Greivin fell in love with this creature. He, in turn, painted a Narwal for Lizandro and that´s how the name of their company was sealed!

Greivin and Lizandro´s love for art and nature came together in the production of their notebooks which use cane sugar paper to avoid environmental impact. Although Narwales is still not their main income source, their vision is to become full time entrepreneurs and offer high quality notebooks with environmental consciousness.

Best Seller:

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