Oink Costa Rica Art and Souvenirs
Oink Costa Rica Art and Souvenirs


Founder: Victor Díaz
Location: San José, Costa Rica
Founded in 2015


Oink was born as a happy coincidence during the creation of Victor’s artwork. He made one OINK, a re-imagined of a typical Costa Rican piggy bank, posted it in social media and its popularity was such that he had to device an operational plan to be able to meet the demand for OINKs in the market.

Victor decided to register the trademark and build a business around his creations, using all his artistic talents and marketing, photography and design he learned during his collegiate studies.

Generating around 10 direct and indirect jobs, OINK has become an artistic representation of Costa Rican pop culture and a way to promote financial skills in our younger generations, while having fun!

Best Sellers:

  • Oink Chanchitico
  • Oink Chanchiabeja (Bee)