Ojalá Ediciones
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Ojalá Ediciones

Founders: Yazmín Ross, Luciano Capelli 

Current owner: Stephanie Monterrosa
Location: Sabanilla, Costa Rica
Founded in 2008

Journalist and writer Yazmín Ross and photographer and filmmaker Luciano Capelli worked together to produce editorial, audiovisual and musical proyects that focused on environmental awareness as well as promoting cultural and social Costa Rican values. The couple passed only a year apart one from another and left Stephanie Monterrosa in charge of Ojalá Ediciones.

Stephanie and the team behind Ojalá Ediciones have a very clear vision: they believe every book is an adventure, a trip full of discovery and total immersion. They strive to create books that will allow others to love what makes Costa Rica extraordinary and feel a sense of pride for the country.

Best Sellers:

  • Narilu and Rubi
  • The Rainforest Paparazzi
  • Coffee Book