Okologie Costa Rica Home Accessories
Okologie Costa Rica Home Accessories


Founder: Monica Pereira Zamora
Location: Heredia
Founded in 2017

Monica spent some time living abroad, in a community where plastic bags at the local grocery store where not available and were even frowned upon. When she came back to Costa Rica and realized that her natural resources richly country still uses plastic at supermarkets and such, she decided to create Okologie as a great eco-friendly alternati

The company started in 2017 and sells multipurpose bags that may be used both for carrying fruits, vegetables and meats from the store to your home and for keeping foods fresh and safeguarded once at home. Along with the positive environmental impact the company has, Okologie is also creating jobs. Costa Rica’s government has a plan to be Carbon Neutral by 2021 and Monica wants Okologie to be a contributor to that!

Best Seller:

  • 5-pack Bags for Fresh Produce
  • Mulitpack Meat Bags

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