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Pía Pottery

Founder: Pia Paulsen Urdagarin

Location: Curridabat

Founded in 2016

Pia was finishing her degree as an Architecture when she started going to a ceramics workshop and discovered how satisfying and relaxing was working with her hands, shaping those ceramic creations. The workshop was so therapeutic that she decided to take more lessons with a very talented professor and further her knowledge on ceramics. She proudly posted pictures of her art on social media and when she started getting orders for her work, she thought long and hard and launched her business.

Pia Pottery grew from mouth to mouth recommendations and from local fair to local fair exposure. The brand now has exposure at luxurious hotels, arts and crafts shops and even cafes and restaurants.  

Pia´s raw material comes from Costa Rica: the mud comes from the mountains of Santa Ana. The colors of her work are inspired by Costa Rican beaches and the ocean. Her vision is to make usable ceramic art.

Best Seller:

  • Mugs
  • Bowls

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